Pixilib, a medical imaging CRO

Pixilib, a medical imaging CRO

Our CRO activity

CROs (Contract Research Organizations) are service companies providing services in the field of clinical trials. Some of them are specialized in specific disciplines such as medical imaging and are therefore called imaging CROs.

Medical Imaging CRO is indeed the specialty of Pixilib.

However, Pixilib is an atypical Imaging CRO because its positioning focuses primarily on the academic sector; its objectives and organization are different from traditional Imaging CROs.

This very creative and strong collaboration with the academic sector drives us to continuously innovate. We support the most ambitious studies, exploring highly innovative clinical hypotheses such as new imaging applications or the development of new imaging biomarkers.

We co-create, with researchers, solutions ranging from the organization of imaging data streams to image processing in order to create and validate new biomarkers and new image-guided therapeutic strategies.

Pixilib is at the interface of computer science and medicine thanks to close collaborations, on the one hand with research structures, and on the other hand with international, free or open-source computer science projects. Thanks to these partnerships, we are co-constructing a sustainable ecosystem based on software tool suites available to all.

Initially developed by a self-taught doctor in computer science, GaelO quickly found favorable feedback in the academic ecosystem, solving the usual problems of data management in clinical research.

As we used it in the field, we enriched the solution with multiple functionalities to better meet the needs of researchers. Thanks to the quality of the developers who created GaelO as well as their experience in the health sector, we have been able to build a flexible open-source platform that can evolve with users' demands.

Our slogan "Promoting Researcher's Freedom" is the reflection of our atypical positioning, centered on research stakeholders in the field, in an open knowledge and know-how strategy.