Advantages of an imaging platform

Advantages of an imaging platform

Be efficient with medical imaging

An imaging platform like GaelO is an end-to-end solution to ensure the collection and analysis of imaging data while meeting the quality standards of clinical trials.

Medical imaging management is a relatively complex process involving multiple skills related to data de-identification, the need for an imaging transfer and visualization system, and the organization of imaging review with sometimes the need to perform double-blind interpretations. GaelO seeks to address all these issues in a unified solution allowing optimal exploitation of imaging data.

Our system is a web platform, requiring no software installation and accessible via a simple browser from any clinical research center.

Roles are defined for each study to facilitate the work of each clinical research stakeholder: • Investigators: these users are in charge of sending the imaging data from the clinical research centers (Clinical Research Assistant, ...) • Controllers: these users perform quality control (optional) of the images received (CRA monitors, project managers, etc.) • Monitors: they have read-only access to the data of their centers (CRA monitors...) • Supervisors: they are responsible for the follow-up of the study, performing corrective actions, and have access to data in real-time (project managers, doctors, etc.) • Reviewers: Radiologists in charge of centralized interpretation.

Each user has secured access to our platform and benefits from services specific to their role in the study.

GaelO optimizes the work of each of these actors via multiple services, such as: • Easy import of images: ◦ By simple drag and drop of DICOM images;Reduces the risk of erroneous or incomplete sending thanks to coherence and completeness controls; ◦ Fast and secure; ◦ With automatic image de-identification according to the standard published by NEMA. • A communication system between the stakeholders: ◦ Email alerts notifying each actor of their pending work (e.g., email notification sent to doctors when a test is available for review). • Full HTML5 embedded imaging viewer without installation on the client workstation; • Management of multiple blind reviews with adjudication requirements; • Study supervision module to monitor the progress of the study and follow-up with the actors in case of delay; • Access at any time to data collected in structured and standardized export formats.

Thus, the Imaging Management Platform improves all data management processes and enables better use of imaging for ambitious clinical trials.