GaelO 2 continuously innovating

GaelO 2 continuously innovating

A giant leap

The first version of GaelO was a success; we have developed a functional platform to facilitate the work of the different actors: sending of images, study supervision or centralized review of images. In 2 years, we have realized 10 studies, centralized over 1500 images from over 50 centers and registered over 100 active users.

If the first version of GaelO has been an operational success, some limitations hovered over the long-term development. GaelO v1 was built on mature technologies, which may appear a bit outdated today.

These last years have been marked in computing by the advent of web applications and particularly "Single Page Applications." These technologies allow us nowadays to build rich, extremely reactive and dynamic applications. We encounter these technologies when we surf on the big online publishers (Facebook, Twitter...) and we appreciate without noticing their extremely fluid navigation experience.

With GaelO v2, we brought these new technologies in clinical research. GaelO 2 was an opportunity to improve user experience, with a completely redesigned interface and new features that make the platform even more efficient at organizing data flow around medical imaging. With this new version, users will benefit from a vastly improved user experience and an optimal platform to use, which contrasts with the often lackluster applications in the medical sector.

To build GaelO2, we listened to our users; we analyzed the feedback of each research actor in order to enhance each Gaelo functionality and thus achieve this new major version which will be the maturity version.

We have also designed GaelO 2 to be scalable, with the objective of being able to build, over time, new services to meet the high-level creativity of the academic sector. With GaelO 2, we strengthen our capacity of innovation; currently, several projects are underway, which will progressively enrich GaelO 2 over the months and years to come.

GaelO 2 will also be synonymous with increased reliability and the possibility of scaling up to meet growing demand. We have designed GaelO 2 to take advantage of new cloud technologies to enable scalability and reliability. Our platform is now designed to accommodate hundreds or even thousands of users, millions of images and dozens of studies.

This new version will mark the beginning of a new story, one that we will write with the researchers.