Medical Imaging Ecosystem : Orthanc

Medical Imaging Ecosystem : Orthanc

An amazing collaboration

Orthanc is an open-source PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) developed by Sébastien Jodogne at the University of Liège, which received the Free Software Foundation's Open-Source Award.

Dr. Salim Kanoun joined the Orthanc community in the early years of the project. Orthanc proposes an innovative approach by combining DICOM services and web technologies with an architecture that allows easy integration into a more complex business application (such as GaelO).

Today, Orthanc is a key part of the medical imaging ecosystem; many software vendors, universities have based their imaging solutions on Orthanc.

Our collaboration with Orthanc started in 2016, with the first contribution made to interface Orthanc with a Java interface (Project "Orthanc Tools") in order to provide high-level services from Orthanc.

During these developments, we have contributed to Orthanc's stability by identifying patches and proposing new features.

Progressively, our collaboration with Orthanc has extended to: • Regular sharing of experiences with Orthanc teams, • Open-source development funding to accelerate the Orthanc project, • Contributions in code and plugins to the Orthanc ecosystem.

We have contributed to the Orthanc Transcoding feature and to the improvement of the de-identification features.

Orthanc was the first project with which a strong collaboration was established and which will continue for many years.

We are very proud of this contribution. Orthanc is accessible to all, universities as well as industries; Pixilib participates, through Orthanc, in developing the medical imaging software ecosystem.