AMARHELIS, 1st published study conducted with GaelO

AMARHELIS, 1st published study conducted with GaelO

A meaningfull publication

Dr. Amira Marouf has just published the results of the AMARHELIS study (Adcetris Maintenance after Autologous stem cell transplantation in Hodgkin lymphoma: a Real-Life Study) in Hematologica. This is our first study carried out with GaelO.

In this retrospective study, the impact of BV (brentuximab vedotin) in refractory or early relapsed Hodgkin's disease was evaluated. This is a rare and clinically relevant situation: While almost 90% of Hodgkin's lymphomas are curable nowadays, 10-20% are faced with refractory disease for which there is still a major therapeutic challenge.

We provided a GaelO platform for the centralization and analysis of the imaging of this cohort.

This study confirms the efficacy of BV compared to historical cohorts and validates the prognostic value of 18FDG PET/CT before autotransplantation. The presence of a complete response on PET is predictive of PFS (Progression Free Survival) and OS (Overall Survival).

This study is the first published study using GaelO as a platform for centralization and image interpretation. This study was conducted under unusual conditions, launched in full confinement in the spring of 2020 and conducted in record time (6 months). This study was made possible thanks to the mobilization of the supervisory teams, the LYSARC clinical research assistants and the radiologists who carried out this project in the middle of an unprecedented health crisis. As a result, the AMARHELIS study was published in Haematologica (Impact Factor > 10), one of the most prestigious journals in hematology. We are particularly proud to have participated in the successful completion of this study, a further illustration of the quality of academic clinical trial.

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